Audit is more than just compliance. We work with you to identify system weaknesses, efficiency improvements and opportunities to add value to your organisation. Our approach focuses on the industry-sector your business operates and reflects on current and future financial, regulatory and operational risks.

We offer clients a strong working relationship through dedicated partner-led audit teams who often return year after year and build an in-depth understanding of your business. We provide statutory and non-statutory audit services to a wide number of businesses of varying size and sector.


Audit Process

Our audit approach, in summary is:

  • Understand your business
  • Analyse and plan for areas of specific investigation
  • Assess risks
  • Schedule appropriate audit testing
  • Audit testing mostly at your premises
  • Close-down meeting to discuss the accounts and the results
  • Conclude and report our audit outcome to your management and board

Why choose us?

  • Dedicated partner-led audit-team
  • High level of staff retention enabling us to staff audits with the same individuals year on year
  • Knowledge of key legislative challenges and regulatory updates within your industry
  • Provide a full report with practical recommendations for future improvements
  • Experience in a range of business sectors


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Registered to carry out audit work in the UK and Ireland by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference number C005774536.

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