Cloud Accounting

Accounting is fast becoming a key application to take advantage of the benefits that cloud hosting gives you.

As businesses continue to outsource their IT, most have now reached the tipping point where the benefits of cloud hosted data, accounting software and hardware infrastructure now outweigh the perceived disadvantages:


  • Single set of data, facilitating shared and mobile access,
  • Off-site data back-up,
  • Improved efficiency,
  • No infrastructure requirements,
  • Seamless update and version control,
  • Spread costs.

Perceived Disadvantages

  • Security – although continually improving,
  • Lock-in to ongoing monthly hire cost – although locally hosted software is moving to a similar annual licensing pricing model.
  • Price

We can provide you with a computerised book-keeping service on a cloud platform, either starting at data input stage or at the VAT Returns and Management Accounting production stages. We are familiar with the main SME cloud accounting suppliers, and can guide you on software choice.

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Stephen Malkin
2nd January 2015 Software Review

Cloud Accounting: Xero wins beauty parade Whiting’s Start-up Group has undertaken a comprehensive review of 15 leading cloud accounting packages available for UK SME’s.  This review compared these web hosted software products under the following key criteria: Training Add-ons Paying bills direct Up-time Direct bank statement feed Back-up Cost Although Sage has the market brand awareness…

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Stephen Malkin
11th April 2014 Cloud Bookkeeping

Xero’s Automatic Bank Reconciliation is a Real Benefit. We have just transferred to Xero a client in the construction sector. The system has proved particularly useful because most of his receipts and payments are made electronically and Xero enable these to be automatically downloaded from the bank. This is a real time saver. As his…

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Stephen Malkin
17th December 2013 Cloud Award

Whitings Preferred Cloud Accounting Package Xero Wins Award. Cloud accounting software company Xero are to be congratulated on their success in having their product named Client Software Product of the Year in the British Accountancy Awards 2013. We have a number of clients who have obtained this software through us and are enjoying the benefits…

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Mark Deighton
21st October 2013 Cloud Accounting Update

Sage Update Cloud Hosted SageOne. Sage, the market leaders in providing locally and network hosted SME accounting software, launched their first serious cloud hosted variant, SageOne Cashbook, in January 2011. This product, aimed primarily at micro businesses, and costing just £5pm, was a newly written application with very basic functionality. Now, nearly 2 years later,…

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