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17th August 2016

IT Savvy Farmers: AF Online Link helps automate book-keeping.
Do you have an account with the buying group Anglia Farmers Ltd? Are you tired of entering invoices manually into your accounting software? Anglia Farmers have an online link called ‘AF Interactive’. Throughout the month Anglia Farmers publish their members invoices to this online portal. During or at the end of the month, you can log in and review the invoices listed. These can be coded to agree to your accounting software package codes, either using heading codes or nominal codes and, once all the invoices have been approved, they can then be imported into your accounting software. Think of all the things you can do in the time saved by not having to manually enter these.

For users of Farmplan, this can be a direct link into your software. This will not only import your invoice details, splitting the VAT as necessary, it will also allow you to view a PDF copy of your Anglia Farmers invoice. For users of Sage Instant and Sage 50 Accounts, a slightly different routine has to be followed but the end result is the same, postings completed and time saved. In the next few months, we understand this link will also be available for one other farm accounts software package. If you are a user of a cloud accounting software package such as Xero or Quickbooks Online, it should be possible to adapt the excel export file to enable import of your invoices into these packages.

To benefit from this facility you must first contact Anglia Farmers to obtain access rights. For more information, please contact Samantha Barrell at Anglia Farmers Ltd on 01603 881836

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